NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Elbo Dinosaur

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Glass, Reviews on Jun 23, 2012

Take a look at a collision of both function and fashion in this Elbo Dinosaur rig. The red glass almost looks like cinnamon candy.


Novelty pieces like this one will continue to gain popularity as long as they work as good as they look.


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SAY SOMETHING! 19 Responses so far

  1. volt72 109 days ago

    It would be cool if i could watch this vid haha, too bad its private.

  2. Mrwax710 855 days ago

    thats whats cool about a dunk makes u happy when u score!!!2points

  3. skinnykev 1103 days ago

    Whats the point of dunking when you can miss…Id rather be 100% and just use the damn dabber…I mean Ive tried dunking, but after I missed once, I stopped lol

  4. Gordon 1104 days ago

    everytime toph hits anything his right eye (his left) does something funky lol

  5. HawaiianDan808 1105 days ago

    I really want a green Elbo Dino. I'd name that bad boy Reptar. Haha

  6. BiggFudge 1106 days ago

    @sammytokes I like that comment,

    On another note, Chubbs/Shane/Toph where do you guys hear about all the sick new glass coming out? I know you know a lot of blowers personally, or are there catalogues or news letters we can sign up to by emai?

  7. SammyTokes 1107 days ago

    Hey Chubbs and Your Developers, you guys should really implement a 'like' feature on comments too, so the most liked comments can appear at the top, like youtube. That would be awesome!!

  8. JoeyGlass 1107 days ago

    I cant get enough glass videos. you guys should do a video with some of what you have been making on the torch. Toph's implosion marbles were sick

  9. OGp 1107 days ago

    Definitely need one of the "white out" dino's….So ill. Elbo and Coyle have been KILLIN the sculptin' game….straight up destruction.

  10. ShaneOMac 1107 days ago

    This is such a sick piece. Elbows work is heady as fuck. Real talk.