NUGGETRY TV Glass Review – Aaron Vigil Oil Rig

Uploaded by magweedo in Glass, Reviews on Mar 04, 2012

I really like hitting pieces from glass artists I have yet to collect.

It’s kind of like driving a new brand of car for the first time.

Aaron Vigil makes some sick bubblers at great prices!


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. tdsucksbal 1214 days ago

    I like the CCC way better than Tang

  2. tdsucksbal 1214 days ago

    chubbs i wanna thank you for all these videos im in canada and i even watch daily cuz you are doing it right i have dual citizenship and will be going there soon

  3. OGp 1214 days ago

    Amazing little traveler, amazing prices as well coming from Vigil…Shits off the hook. Thanks for sharing another legit ass rig with us guys!

  4. BrenNWbud 1216 days ago

    chubbs keeps forgetting to say cheers , man

  5. danknugs86 1218 days ago

    Tang bored me to death. I’m glad Chubbs switched it up and has the CCC boys with him, they’re way more entertaining…

  6. VivaSativa 1219 days ago

    Hey Chubbs love your videos but could post a video discussing what happened to the Bootcamp. Do you guys still hang out? and are you planning on filming any time soon? Thanks again

  7. StonedHero 1219 days ago

    Man these look awesome but at the same time so simple. From the sounds of it Aaron Vigil is also putting in some very nice downstems. Looks like a quality piece all around. I’m going to have to look into getting one of these. How much do they usually run for around?

  8. Jackal 1219 days ago

    DRP Slyme Trooper is so fucking sick!

  9. leftover421 1220 days ago

    Hell yes! I love my Aaron Vigil. Im rockin the bub style with horns and 4slit grid worked grid(8 Slit) shower head. Thing is sick! Said it before and I will say it again. So happy to see more and more Aaron Vigil in good heads hands! I dig his style and I love his perks.