NTV Special: Blaze1 Glass Review [User Submitted]

Uploaded by Joe4sho in Glass, Reviews, Sessions on Dec 05, 2012

A nice review of Blaze1 glass. Thanks for the fine review!


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SAY SOMETHING! 12 Responses so far

  1. KAI 839 days ago

    Blaze n J's actually sells to their locals…

  2. KushSci 874 days ago

    We worked hard, and busted our ass to come up with the "Puckline" back in November of 2011. Blaze1 has been biting and copying our designs since, because they lack innovation and talent. They hired a blower, "Quix", in order to make our Pucklines.

    We posted in Dec of 2011 on tokecity our Pucklines. http://www.tokecity.com/forums/showthread.php4?t=13438&highlight=kush+scientific&page=125

    If you want a real Puckline, hit a Kush Scientific Puckline.

  3. nickm 901 days ago

    I had one of the blaze one "hockey puck percs", but i ended up breaking it. but they are awesome pieces. are you in chico? we gotta sesh sometime

  4. AugustWest 902 days ago

    No problem homie. Nice tube.

  5. Joe4sho 903 days ago

    haha thank you! @augustwest

  6. iHydroEyez 903 days ago

    Diggin the A-Stars Hat! Nice Vid!

  7. AugustWest 903 days ago

    Pretty sure kush scientific and blaze1 are both outta Chico by the same people.

  8. Hugenglobn 904 days ago

    Kush scientific is known for pucklines……………………

  9. dpanthaman 904 days ago

    ay im diggin them bro, they do stack very nice and the prices on those are very nice. cool review man keep em comin

  10. Joe4sho 904 days ago

    lets see u pull a new perc design out of ur ass like its that easy. its funny, everyone "claims" where the design comes from but do you actually have proof???