NTV Special: Beer Tiny Rig [User Submitted]

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Glass, Sessions on Dec 03, 2012

Very cool vid showing a Beer rig being put to the test. Glass certainly is bringing out the best in artists around the country.


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SAY SOMETHING! 10 Responses so far

  1. dabzaplenty 822 days ago

    I just picked up a little rig from beer also I love it for a traveler piece for sure

  2. StoneyStev 823 days ago

    That looks like a great travel peice

  3. DjDerpy 823 days ago

    Great piece and awesome tunes love listening to Emancipator while toking out. Sick vid bud.

  4. Gibbykush 823 days ago

    what happen to nuggetry vids!?!? this site is falling apart

  5. Gibbykush 823 days ago

    beer glass is great, but this vid was fuckin lame! How many times are you going to dry hit that thing? really!?

  6. doee 823 days ago

    oop just got past halfway and there is video, but no actual hits, still a nice piece tho man

  7. Ice1017 823 days ago

    Whats drag? Hahah nice ass lil piece

  8. doee 823 days ago

    cool rig, but pointless video, if your going to go to the effort of editing all the pics etc, just make a dam little video with it

  9. DankHydroKush 823 days ago

    dope rig

  10. MACVISHION 823 days ago

    Such a sick lil rig