JAG Glass Show at The Goosefire Gallery

Uploaded by Ldog in Glass on Feb 20, 2013

LDog did was he does best and put a great video together for those of you that were not able to attend the JAG event at the Goosefire Gallery recently.

Is it just me or are the glass shows at Goosefire getting more and more awesome?

Take a good look at some of the best glass we have had in the shop yet. I can’t even imagine how many total hours went into creating all the work that was on display.

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SAY SOMETHING! 25 Responses so far

  1. Pavielle83 695 days ago


  2. Phishman24 871 days ago

    Awesome Video! I like the Bassnectar track =D

  3. DabbinDill 893 days ago

    Wow it's all so futuristic looking! Amazing glass….and dope vid ldog! I'm actually going to school for film

  4. Ldog 893 days ago

    Thx OCLAX77

  5. Cee9 894 days ago

    Such SICK glass, wish I could afford a sick rig.

  6. OCLAX77 894 days ago

    I loved this video, you have come a long way in your editing Ldog.

  7. Nadroj 894 days ago

    Gotta say the ending was the best ROFL :P

  8. Huero123 894 days ago

    JAG the shit he does is just crazy and new love it

  9. Ldog 894 days ago

    Thanks Hydro!

  10. iHydroEyez 894 days ago

    Fantastic Video Ldog!! Cant wait for more upcoming shows!!