Glass Session: Mobius Stemless 60t Stereo Matrix

Uploaded by SirKief in Glass, Sessions on Feb 16, 2013

Nice session compilation of a Mobius Stemless being used as a daily driver to smoke some errls. Enjoy!

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. Quizy 866 days ago

    Very well made, very nice mobius stereo matrix vid

  2. Kannabis_PROP215 866 days ago

    tis the life of jets…and few that follow…

  3. Bombaclot714 868 days ago


  4. KiefStone 869 days ago

    same setup.. great music, great sesh. #jets fools

  5. Nadroj 869 days ago

    After today’s videos i am now convinced to buy a Mobius :P

  6. Capecod710 869 days ago

    Sick vid! Young roddy goes hard!

  7. KushDegree 869 days ago

    Sooo glad to hear some young roddy in a vid on here.. New Jet City!