NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: 2 Different Salt Tubes

Uploaded by magweedo in Glass, Reviews on Jan 12, 2012

Have a look at a couple Salt bongs from the collections of Magweedo and Toke Daddy Slim.

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SAY SOMETHING! 30 Responses so far

  1. andyfibb 788 days ago

    old videos are dope i havent seen some so its good while i wait for new episodes! keep it up ntv

  2. CapMorgan 901 days ago

    slat is the man, does any rewatch old videos or is it just me rofl

  3. Dubular 992 days ago

    What song is this?

  4. SciGlasArt 1015 days ago

    hell ya great glass guys salts style is so sick and Tokedaddyslim sed in comment all that needed to be sed

  5. Coyote 1040 days ago

    I am definitely keeping a lookout on one of these. I have never seen a SALT tube fixed stem. This has to be one of my favorite reviews.

  6. Huero123 1046 days ago

    Industry of bomb bay arts
    Smoke on

  7. ShaneOMac 1046 days ago

    Salt has definitely found his niche in this industry, and his work speaks for itself. It’s constantly being imitated.

  8. dru9000 1046 days ago

    Nice! Salt Creatures are so unique.

  9. ironlungz 1048 days ago

    DUD THOSE TEETH ARE DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. PeacefulRebel 1048 days ago

    I need a SALT haha