NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Boro Farms Oil Rig Review

Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Glass, Reviews on Dec 24, 2011

Take a look at one of the craziest looking oil pieces I’ve ever seen.

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SAY SOMETHING! 20 Responses so far

  1. Chance 1078 days ago


  2. tcwilstoner 1116 days ago

    that chug is tooooo off the hook!

  3. StondAgnTV 1123 days ago

    Sounds like a hookah…

  4. JohnBoh 1123 days ago

    ive got a piece from that collection. not nearly as much work as this one but same shape and perc/recycler system

  5. Bigjeff22 1125 days ago

    damnn what a unique looking oil rig great review guys PEACEEE

  6. ENDizm 1128 days ago

    pretty dope! i love that window on the side! it sounds like a fuckin’ jet-ski!

  7. WeedZilla 1130 days ago

    what a fucking chug! How do you guys afford all these sick pieces?!

  8. SmokedEeeem 1131 days ago

    The chugg on that piece damn near sounds like chubbs dabbin death chopper

  9. cali_kush 1132 days ago

    hey was this filmed in a mariot hotel in camarillo, because I stayed at one last night that looked EXACTLY like the that one.

  10. IVcolossusXX 1133 days ago

    im stoned but i was watching the vid and i wanted more close up shots of the oil rig. from like 20 different angles. and heres the great idea instead of having us watch u torch the ti pad u can play close up vids while ur torching and still talking. Maybe alittle more editing but it would be worth it.