Is The ‘Magical Butter’ The Easiest Way To Make Canna Butter?

Uploaded by Chubbs in Featured, Food, Others, Reviews on Jul 13, 2013

People send me emails all the time asking what the easiest way to make canna butter is and how can they do it?

Until now I didn’t really have a solid answer other than “look it up on YouTube”. Fortunately the Magical Butter changes all that.

As you will see it is literally as easy as throwing a few ingredients into the container, putting the lid on and pressing the button. The Magical Butter does everything for you.

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SAY SOMETHING! 35 Responses so far

  1. Need4green 260 days ago

    u think u got all the thc out of the nugs?

  2. AmerkynPBT 342 days ago

    This site FUCKING SUCKS. Sorry cant hold it in anymore. So a video is posted every 10 years is that how it works? LMAO

  3. emanate 351 days ago

    i’m pretty sure the easiest way to make cannabutter does not require you to buy this product..

  4. Pavielle83 373 days ago

    i’m glad i learned how this works

  5. Impulse 375 days ago

    What the hell happened to all the vids and content??? I finally get back n it’s a ghost town… The fuck?

  6. agb96 375 days ago

    LOL “I am significantly baked!” No shit you look like a ghost!

  7. UNCbuds 378 days ago

    when i say batches I mean brownies

  8. UNCbuds 378 days ago

    I agree Dragoon, I just made a couple batches( 2/3 cup coconut oil) with a half oz. of fire and they were great, one got you nice and stoned, two got you almost too high.

  9. slocumbr13 391 days ago

    how did you pop the budder out of that bowl what tool did you use chubbs

  10. Dragoon 397 days ago

    5 sticks of butter : 14g of bud? That seems like it’ll make weak-medium butter man. I’m not bashing on your intelligence at all, but to make decent butter I thought the ratio is 1lb : 1oz so 4 sticks to 1 once.