Yoda Meets Goldstein

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Sessions on Jan 30, 2013

Yoda meets David Goldsteins fritted disc … Dunk of critical rhino honey comb. Shout outs to evol glass for the custom dome !!!!- Short but sweet.

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SAY SOMETHING! 8 Responses so far

  1. Jawsh 911 days ago

    damn! stacking like theres sprite in the tube.

  2. pegleg 911 days ago

    this is the best hitting tube ever .. .. tastes great etc .. i have a phx hd single disk and this tube crush's it hands down ..
    yes the video is short im a busy grower what can i say …. keep them bubbles snacking and get back to me

  3. dabsat710 912 days ago

    yes ill buy it post it on nuggetry glass or pm me

  4. Impulse 916 days ago

    nice tube man. not hating on this vid, but fuck, i used to like short vids. just a waste of time now.

  5. 1017dabs- 916 days ago

    jay pm me im so intrested

  6. Jay-Kush 916 days ago

    I bought one and I hate it ! draggy as fuck and absorbs potency biggest waste of money ever used it once never again anyone wanna buy it lol

  7. Schadey 916 days ago

    is there any flavor left in the hit?

  8. xxfinnacexx 916 days ago

    that bubble stackage is awesome!