Toprank Concentrate Review: WWC Sour Skywalker OG x Strawberry Diesel Shatter

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Feb 20, 2013

Toprank with a review and session with some Sour Skywalker OG x Strawberry Diesel Shatter made by West Coast Cure that he picked up at California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA.

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SAY SOMETHING! 11 Responses so far

  1. Dabasauras 861 days ago

    Agreed. Wish we could have some fire in AZ. Gotta make your own!

  2. Cee9 862 days ago

    Man I wish there was a CPA here in AZ! We need some fire concentrates here in our state.

  3. Herowalker 863 days ago

    I love nuggetry to and its my go to place, im not hating, I just want the fire back for a reasonable price like it use to be ,(you would get flavor & potency and honestly they were up to pair with the paris) It sucks when you talk to the BT and they tell you ” yeah we have the hardcore a lot more than you know” , its kinda like a slap to the face seeing that it always use to be there for reasonable price and when it comes back it 40 a half. come on I know its the same shit. CPA still has the best deals around still so its a must go thing still , I would just love to see them bring back the old favorites for the same price they use to be. the 25 half grams there went to shit because if its good its priced at 30.

  4. Toprank 863 days ago

    I rember those days hero walker but they do have alot dank steals often as well u just gota look and know what to get they had some Pretty good shit for 30 g 40 a g and they still give good Paris og for 60 if u saw my recent review of it but I know whati mean like that natch of hardcore that was 80 a Gand all this 100 g shit. But I haven’t seen the 100 g in a minet. Overall CPA is my go. To still for concentrates right now enless Uganda drive all the out to la I hear Echc gots alot fire and alot of terpx stuff. But I love nuggetry hero don’t trip it’s how Otis sometimes it’s straight fire after fire for a good price, other times its not idk its just how it is

  5. Tojo 863 days ago

    I’m in Michigan. 35 dollar grams of some bomb wax. No shatters though..

  6. Bombaclot714 863 days ago

    the bentely shatter for 60 a g is point on fire , taste + smell total package.

  7. Herowalker 863 days ago

    it shouldnt be that way, I use to get 25 a halfs that were FIRE all the time there ,now its like your saying they want you pay extra for basically the same stuff. there never even use to be a 30 a half till the hardcore and paris, now even for those its price upped…. I just want the herox og , chubbs wax , deathstar og , and the list goes on for 25 a half back.

  8. Herowalker 863 days ago

    where are all the fire 25 a halfs going?! sad day

  9. Mcdabbers503 863 days ago

    Looks like it worked better than it tastes aye toprank… good video

  10. StickyBudz 863 days ago

    That shit sounds delicious!