Toprank Concentrate Review: Green Dragon Shatter Review

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Feb 21, 2013

Toprank reviews some West Coast Cure Green Dragon Shatter. Anyone know the genetics? Heat up, and breathe in the smoke of the green dragon.

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SAY SOMETHING! 10 Responses so far

  1. dersdab 794 days ago

    Almost positive its green dream… So green crack blue dream cross. I know this due to other wcc flavors like blue dragon and its just really good blue dream ;) . Both those sweet tastes … Makes sense to me !! Also was told that by CPA.

  2. LBCSmoke 802 days ago

    Shit smelled like white widow to me….

  3. Mogilinski 802 days ago

    never heard of it

  4. InCronicWeTrust 802 days ago

    They eat it up in heisman pt 2.

  5. InCronicWeTrust 802 days ago

    I think I heard someone say it was green crack x fire OG

  6. DjPurps420 802 days ago

    Green Dragon is going everywhere in Canada in these golden bags that say Green Dragon right on them. Theres a half pound in each bag. So legit! Its pure sativa but doesnt really have a taste I find.

  7. ogphene425 802 days ago

    it might be green grack crossed with purple dragon

  8. THEKILLINGFIELD 803 days ago

    ive had GC / and Green Dragon. didnt seem the same to me

  9. Ldog 803 days ago

    its GC

  10. acuna123 803 days ago

    I have some of that Green Dragon, bomb.