StOned Society Episode 11 TerpX and Kush from CPA Part 1

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 03, 2013

MrCaliMatt heads to California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA and picks up some TerpX to review and sesh on.

This is part 1 of 2 for this video. Just hit “previous video ” to watch part 2 above.

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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. MrCaliMatt420 851 days ago

    @TheZenNug what instrumental are you taking about? The one in the reviews is Up by Wiz Khalifa and the other one is Proud to be a Stoner by Kottonmouth Kings.

  2. Mr_DabMaN 851 days ago

    nice vid man…only question i have is..every concentrate you review seems to have the same effect on you.”starts off in the forehead..then the eyebrows, or temple of the head..?..Are you sure those Hats just aren’t too tight?…maybe that’s causing a little forehead pressure?…just messin man…nice job bro!

  3. TheZenNug 851 days ago

    Nice video

  4. TheZenNug 851 days ago

    PLease share the instru background

  5. TheZenNug 851 days ago

    PLease share the instru background.

  6. Capecod710 851 days ago

    Nice vid. I think if u fade the music and maybe fade the ends of the clips your vids will have way more flow to them… I’m not shur what editing program ur working with but it is pretty easy to do..

  7. MrCaliMatt420 851 days ago

    I just got a Ti nail. It works a hell of a lot better.

  8. DankHydroKush 851 days ago

    get yourself a TI nail, quit wastin that good oil

  9. ehdabs 851 days ago

    Cool man good stuff! Gettin better