Session Vid: Downtown Dabs and Longboard

Uploaded by kobe4mvp23 in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 29, 2013

Kobe4MVP23 with a very cool session and longboard video. Not every day you see long boarding around snow. Stay lifted.

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SAY SOMETHING! 8 Responses so far

  1. Patron1SD 823 days ago

    2:05 looks so delicious man.. Thanks for taking the time to share a High:) quality video.. I seshed it to this video.

  2. AZconoMED 823 days ago

    great vid kid lookin forward to more sick boarding vids any kinda boarding lol

  3. Stimulator 823 days ago

    great vid man keep em coming

  4. MACVISHION 823 days ago

    Nice job bro seshed this mornin to this great job

  5. DaZazouuu 823 days ago

    Nice job ! keep up

  6. yelrambob20 823 days ago

    hhhhh, long board. WHY WOULD THERE BE SUCH A THING!?!?

  7. ace710420 823 days ago

    sick video dude love the quality

  8. Johnnyhopkins 824 days ago

    Wow nice job man great editing