Product Review: O Pen VapePen

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 24, 2013

MrCaliMatt420 with a great review of the “O pen” (a new vape pen) he picked up at Zen OC in Garden Grove, CA. Cartridges are already infused with different multiple wax flavors and strains.

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SAY SOMETHING! 10 Responses so far

  1. josh574 657 days ago

    hey how long do the cartriges last? i know there kind of pricey thats why im asking

  2. MrCaliMatt420 732 days ago

    Yes they I’ve seen Blue Dream cartridges @ PokeSmot.

  3. PokeSmot 737 days ago

    do they have blue dream?

  4. liverman17 760 days ago

    hahaha mixed with dish soap?! im not trying to smoke anything like that XD

  5. Kushsurfin 788 days ago

    Lol dish soap?!

  6. MACVISHION 789 days ago

    I think so haven't seen it in person yet CPA has it on menu last week sometime btw audio much better this time around

  7. MrCaliMatt420 789 days ago

    I tried 3 Kings, OG Kush and Sour Diesel and they taste the same. I had a Cheiesel that had a better taste but only got one dab out of it then it stopped working and had to return it for the Sour D. What does the nail cartridge attachment do make it so you can use your own wax and errl?

  8. MACVISHION 789 days ago

    Dish soap? Which strain is that so I can stay away from that one bubba kush on point tho

  9. MACVISHION 789 days ago

    This pen kicks ass I want the nail cartridge getting it friday

  10. MrCaliMatt420 789 days ago

    Shit I forgot to put Stay Medicated at the end. Must of been a bit too high when making this.