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Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Jan 21, 2013

A GREAT concentrate review from White Fire OG from Seattle’s Best Concentrates & Cannabis. He also hits the OG Kush Honeycomb. A great session and a good critique of the two different concentrates. Enjoy- Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 20 Responses so far

  1. SeaStone 915 days ago

    I just picked up some of thier Gods Gift and UW. I dont know what this reviewer is talking about, but the shatter we just dabbed was not only very potent, but FULL of flavor.

  2. ogphene425 921 days ago

    yeahhh but i think fweedom and green health r the best 1 stop shops

  3. cantona253 922 days ago

    @ogphene425 i agree man. although there are a few other good ones as well. a few that used to be god that fell off. seattle has the best clubs. tacoma in my experience is ok. i live up in island county and i always drive to seattle to get my meds.

  4. ogphene425 922 days ago

    fweedom and green health co op r probley the best clubs in seattle hands down

  5. cantona253 923 days ago

    i get shatter from these guys all the time. fweedom and at greenhealth. great quality. i got to know one of the guys back when they did delivery. they team up with firebrothers a lot.

  6. Maverick 923 days ago

    I mntioned to one of the ownes that they need to filter teir regular runs better. The Ntane runs ae filterd pretty well, but tey arent blasting open when they makethat. Theyhve a closed unit similar to mine. just without teh recovery pump.

  7. Maverick 923 days ago

    FUck yeah! Im a hgue fan of Fweedom!!!! Keep an eye on the shelf for my 24k PA nugrun shatter, aswell as the honeycomb from the same runs!

  8. SeaStone 923 days ago

    I know for certain they have changed up their tech. You do have to remember that they are processors, not providers. They process what the dispensary gives them. If the oil is not up to snuff, more than likely your dispensary gave them low grade trim. Green cure, fweedom, have a heart and greenside all seem to have the best Sbcc concentrates. You can also contact them directly for meds. I also saw they have waxes and honeycomb now too. I have not tried them, but will next time I am out getting meds.

  9. narb 924 days ago

    he obviously thought the ri were connected in superior. they are too close on the logo. he said supenor

  10. dablicious 924 days ago

    I agree that they used to not have variety but in the last few months ive seen at least 40-50 different strain specific SBCC oils at fweedom. Ive found that if you buy seattles best at other coops the quality and variety is not up to par, however fweedom uses there own flower to make the oils and because the flowers are so great, flavor and quality are far SUPERIOR (haha) to other collectives at least when it comes to seattles best concentrates…