Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Concentrates, Sessions on Nov 03, 2012

Toph runs an 8 rig gauntlet and lives to tell the tale.


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SAY SOMETHING! 51 Responses so far

  1. budlove 247 days ago

    lmao so funny

  2. TopShelf 524 days ago

    One of those nights……

  3. de1m0nte 545 days ago

    ah man this almost hurt to watch toph!!! keyword: almost ;)

  4. TheHashCompany 548 days ago

    much love from amsterdam,cheers toph …!

  5. bong_girl 644 days ago

    haha that was great,this was awesome video

  6. javeh 651 days ago

    Toph did you say you were moving to san diego?

  7. Jay-Kush 657 days ago

    Toph! your eye;s are fucked up one up one down hahaha lol fuckin halerious !

  8. Sauer 658 days ago

    yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!! td i had my 1st dab :D now i watc toph take 8 in like 10mins

  9. TGTC 660 days ago

    hahahaha this shit was fuckin hilarious

  10. dabhead 661 days ago

    funniest video ever hahaha toph ur eyes had me sooooo weak lmfao