NUGGETRY TV Special: Shatter vs. Wax

Uploaded by Chubbs in Concentrates, Sessions on Jan 23, 2012

Chubbs was surprised to find out that both of the concentrates used in this video with him and Toke Daddy Slim were not only made from the same strain but made it almost exactly the same way.

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  1. victor420 41 days ago

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  2. PeskyVarmt 222 days ago

    Hi Chubbs :) I, just couldn’t resist:

  3. Alberto 288 days ago

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  4. Alberto 288 days ago

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  5. s4boxer 418 days ago

    one would imagine that after so many years in the biz surrounded by so many oil makers (both chubbs and the slim dude) they would acquire some basic knowledge of the processes that take place during purging and could provide some decent info. I guess not….

  6. megalithic 440 days ago

    to continue terpenes are lost with heat, if you can create just a little more vacuum and less heat between 100-110 the product has amazing taste. before shooting try vacuum purging the moisture out of your flowers, it will lock you terpenes into the herb, you will have higher yields and better product that requires far less time to purge.

  7. megalithic 440 days ago

    the difference is moisture content not oxygen, vacuum purge lowers boiling point of solvents, butane purges before moisture, thus butane is long gone before moisture, when you have wax moisture is less, so when you vacuum use very little heat. moisture is what degrades your product as it allows water (moisture) to react to the oxygen, when you vacuum oxygen is removed from chamber, what make it bubble up is solvents boiling out of the product. water is considered a solvent

  8. EzExtract 558 days ago

    what hte hell, the audio is so far out of sync with the video, he was stiring around the wax and sayin it was sap

  9. HuskyNugs 558 days ago

    Can anyone link me too a good vacuum for purging?

  10. pegleg 654 days ago

    so wait its whip or vac purged honey comb .. the wax i make is honey comb whip is whip and that oil looks hella un stable and not vac .. lungs inch ?? no good