NUGGETRY TV Concentrate Review: Vanilla Rumpwax

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Concentrates, Reviews on Aug 26, 2012

The name Rumpwax causes some weird images to pop into my head. None of which have anything to do with dabbing. 8)


That being said, take a look at some incredibly sugary wax from NorCal that will probably blow the average stoners socks off.


The texture of the Rumpwax is almost perfect in my book. Looks like FIRE!


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  1. canadaeh 620 days ago

    I don’t care if its been over a year since someone has commented. WE NEED MORE VIDEOS ON NUGGETRY! These reviews are bomb! Is there an ACTUAL reason why your not making videos, or has making videos just lost its magic?

  2. GrowFiend 1040 days ago

    some pineapple express from g13 labs i grew outside last year made wax just like that. looked like some foam or some shit fresh out the vac.

  3. phc420 1040 days ago

    rumps are always good.

  4. Maverick 1040 days ago


  5. dabmonster 1040 days ago

    Great review! Some very high quality wax for sure!!!

  6. GFam 1042 days ago

    Toph is a legit dude and seems very knowledgeable. For his sake, would someone please check him on "Trichromes". Drives me crazy.

  7. smacctMonPiff 1042 days ago

    at the end toph didnt come thru for shane he put that dab down and ended the vid

  8. Coleburgess 1043 days ago

    shane if you ever get rid of that velag/hanshaw tube i will drive across the country to personally kick you in the nuts that thing is so sexy

  9. 7beast1mode0 1043 days ago

    Dan still doing football? That dude is chill add hell…cover ur mouth Toph,, plz

  10. 7beast1mode0 1043 days ago

    I feel a lot more normal and less girly when I hear everybody else talk about the same views on ur vids I have… I totally get the whole oil vs flour but everything comes from the beautiful flowers… showcasing a wax is more showcasing a person's technique less the product used and anyone making good oil will tell you it's all about the product you use…I barely smoke flower…my opinion should be valued, dammit :) I gotta say I'm enjoying Bret1mavericks wakenbakes n vids peace