NUGGETRY TV Concentrate Review: Trimlific Sour D Shatter

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Concentrates, Reviews on Sep 15, 2012

I’ve been on a bit of a shatter kick lately so I thought it would be a perfect time to post Shane and Toph’s latest video where they too are look at some bomb shatter.

I have to admit, my shatter does not look quite as fire as theirs.


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SAY SOMETHING! 18 Responses so far

  1. BuDrO 666 days ago

    Aha this was on my birthday! Havent been on nuggetry probably since then

  2. madeye1 898 days ago

    @TheBigDabowski – I never looked at it in that way before…..the fact that wax is actually degrading shatter.

  3. TheBigDabowski 898 days ago

    On the smell note. The reason most budders will have a stronger nose to them versus shatter is due to budder being in a degrading state. In other words it is shedding flavor like crazy at a much higher rate than a proper stable shatter, which is why it smells better in the beginning and after time will smell less and less. No professional here, but in my experience making oil this has been the case.

  4. BipolarHighRoller 900 days ago

    @RumpWax – well said.

  5. wildbill 900 days ago

    so the SGW is back in commission. my very first bong just broke when my freind was moving

  6. RumpWax 900 days ago

    This looks like it was purged PROPER. all i gotta say…

  7. Kushfacedtoph 900 days ago

    @rumpwax oh for sure homie!! You kn ow whats good my man i am not sure what is up with the club or the menu and maybe they have sold out of it. That is most likely what happened. Stay up and lets dab it up soon homie!!!

  8. RumpWax 900 days ago

    Just checked out their menu…is it the "Sour OG Trich Gel Wax?" doesn't say anything about trimlific…maybe its the clubs slacking on updating menu's to blame..but i literally searched for an hour and couldn't find them on ANY menu's. I love Sour D like you love pure kush and shane loves that candy jack ;p

  9. RumpWax 900 days ago

    Thanks Toph appreciate really not trying to be a whiny little bitch here..i actually just want to cop a gram.

  10. Kushfacedtoph 900 days ago

    @rumpwax its at OVO in San Jose!!!