NUGGETRY TV Concentrate Review: Shatter Bros. Sour Diesel #2

Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Concentrates, Reviews on Jun 24, 2012

If you know what you’re doing and have access to good bud and trim, you can really make a name for yourself just by making good concentrates.


Shatter Bros. are slowly but surely getting some traction in NorCal. Hopefully their work will make it’s way south in bulk real soon.


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SAY SOMETHING! 25 Responses so far

  1. KillForKush420 1063 days ago

    Shatter bros, mattrize ice wax both need to come down to the san diego area.

  2. MattRize 1073 days ago

    Thanks for the review guys!

  3. Maverick 1082 days ago

    Most sourD extracts tasty trimmy to me anyways. Theirs this nasty co2 oil company up here that makes this reclaim looking co2 oil. They never do single strains. its alwasy mixedup, witch leads me to bleive it is The sourd heavy mix tastes like hay. they havea kush heavy mix. All their batches are mixes with sourd and kush. As if they dabbed alot of sur that week, then cleaned their shit. It really looks like isowashed

  4. Maverick 1082 days ago

    @DaJointGuy If you can get Everclear try to use that. Its 95% pure, and you know the last 5% is water, and not poisen. Anything that contains more than 5% alcohal needs to have a liquar tax stamp, or needs to be denatured. ISOproply alochol has methonyl and other poisens in it. Best to only use somthing you can drink already. Pluss the everclear oil is so much lighter of a color. people make budder with it.

  5. Southpaw 1098 days ago

    Yeah, I met him at the cup.

  6. DaJointGuy 1099 days ago

    I made some afgoey shatter last night, turned out a lot like this sour D but I use Isoorphyl Alchohol instead of butane

  7. Socal420chick 1100 days ago

    why do u say that southpaw? did u meet toph or something

  8. Teamchevymxer 1100 days ago

    u guys need to review trimlific shatter

  9. KSolomonOG 1100 days ago

    toph you already dabbed

  10. Maverick 1100 days ago

    I can see its sapish when a litt worm, but still has some tack.
    a 10 on tophs scale is the stuff that shards go flying, right? and a 1 is slime?