NUGGETRY TV Concentrate Review: Blueberry Errl

Uploaded by magweedo in Concentrates, Reviews on Apr 14, 2012

Magweedo had a nice batch of Blueberry oil sitting around the house so when he had the time he put this video together. Beautiful consistency. Can almost taste the oil through the monitor.


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SAY SOMETHING! 38 Responses so far

  1. Quizy 907 days ago

    The high your feeling is lack of oxygen… it’s like a mild wippit… all types of getting high feel good… what your explaining dillinger is a high due to lack of oxygen.. I dont know the scientific term.

  2. Dillinger 913 days ago

    I am not talking shit but in all the videos I see made by the Nuggetry guy they take huge dabs and big bong rips and then blow out the smoke immediately. Again I am not talking shit but have I been wrong my whole life by holding my hits in as long as possible? I think you get more out of it if you hold it in. If I am wrong please tell me. And yes that chair is badass

  3. Jman425 1145 days ago

    Weedo is the shit.

  4. FoxDogJake 1187 days ago

    I love his "chair".

  5. jrpronk 1191 days ago

    I need to move out to cali

  6. DaNK42012_ 1196 days ago

    Sfgunna–um okay..I've been calm bro{-_-}

  7. Maverick 1202 days ago

    Im sorry i have to talk shit about that side car domless, with the snorcle style thing. I hope you just didnt see them hit it before you payed for it, or that yours just works. I noticed more than half the dab drifts away, and you ahve to cup your hands around the nail for it to work properly.

  8. Dubin_420 1203 days ago

    I want your giant bean bag that thing is awesome

  9. GrowFiend 1204 days ago

    @LostCoast go educate yourself. southern jefferson state is definately slackin bro come up north and go to school.

  10. BlazinAlberts 1204 days ago

    Blueberry is a hell of a strain