NTV Special: TurnUpTV Number 10 [User Submitted]

Uploaded by Ike_turnup in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Dec 06, 2012

Nice flower session and review for those that believe that only oil is smoked on NUGGETRY. :) Thanks Ike! -Dallas


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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. Ike_turnup 904 days ago

    whatever it takes huh

  2. mc20tf 914 days ago

    weak, looks like mids!!

  3. Equinox 922 days ago

    nice vid and noticed the bow in the back xD

  4. Continuum 933 days ago

    Nice little chill vid ike…thanks for sharring..

  5. doee 937 days ago

    there were hardly any flowers smoked on vids here till more came through with user submitted, before that it was the same sap+shatter lookin stuff every vid, liking these chill sesh vids ike

  6. MACVISHION 937 days ago

    Tons of flowers smoked on nuggetry