NTV Special: Toro Snake Dab [User Submitted]

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Dec 04, 2012

Toro Snake dab session. I think he needs it with Ermahgerd girl in the background. – Dallas


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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. Dillinger 796 days ago

    What toro is that?

  2. dpanthaman 819 days ago

    and like and like and like and like!

  3. Gibbykush 819 days ago

    haha! bitch shut the fuck up! smack! hahaha

  4. Impulse 819 days ago

    "get muted"

  5. DjPurps420 819 days ago

    I'd smack a hoe

  6. dach420 820 days ago

    and i was errrrmagerddd llol smack a hoe