NTV Special: Errl Dab [User Submitted]

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Dec 06, 2012

Dab session where it’s the last of the errl. What a terrible feeling. Hopefully it got you lit!


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SAY SOMETHING! 14 Responses so far

  1. oldmanswag 496 days ago

    Thanks for all the FeeedBak Every 1!!!!!!

  2. SEERUAN1 497 days ago


  3. StickyBudz 497 days ago

    Alright vid but boring and stale as fuck

  4. zz-dubs 497 days ago

    I kept thinking the dab was going to hit the dirty ass table and what do you know, it did!

  5. Lepy 497 days ago

    lol wtf

  6. glas 497 days ago

    Anybody see the nail glowing purple?

  7. StonedHero 497 days ago

    Man you had my high ass cracking up!! but that sure as hell wasnt p2 on your dabber. Dope rig though

  8. Cculture10 497 days ago


  9. jackson 498 days ago

    Love this video!

  10. fromOHtoIO 498 days ago

    damn man u looked stoney