NTV Special: Bleezo Dabs HD [User Submitted]

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Dec 05, 2012

This could be the new “dab” anthem. Nice funny video to accompany it.


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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. dainO_CRTV 937 days ago

    Recording the final cut Friday.. and my boy BleZo had a broken rip for this shoot lol, cheers!

  2. Huero123 941 days ago

    That's the f-cking shit to take Dabs with

  3. CRONICelt 942 days ago

    yo forreal never actually seen a honey hole used…

  4. bong_girl 942 days ago

    awesome vid guys

  5. DenverDabber 942 days ago

    Denver fam in the house!

  6. Stimulator 942 days ago

    haha tight vid sick anthem hahaha

  7. Impulse 942 days ago

    i was really hoping to hear kendrick lamar.

  8. MACVISHION 942 days ago

    what is the name of this track or artist for first track same as second bleezo? nice video guys

  9. MACVISHION 942 days ago

    tight track goes perfect with video