Uploaded by Joe4sho in Concentrates, Sessions on Jan 26, 2013

Rachet Tv episode 3. 9 pieces, 9 dabs. Its a MISSION. Is it accomplished?

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. liverman17 870 days ago

    Dabs. All. Day.

  2. Joe4sho 886 days ago

    haha you know it!! and @gulfcoast any proof on this. i mean yes u get less flvor but i doubt it gonna get me less medicated.

  3. KAI 886 days ago

    Yo joe, is that the rasta oil rig with the dish attached? :D

  4. GulfCoast 886 days ago

    with dabs the more diffusion and more glass = less high.

  5. kobe4mvp23 887 days ago

    i can't spell sober

  6. JoshuaTree 887 days ago

    big d always coming through in the clutch with the one liners

  7. MACVISHION 887 days ago

    Jo4sho dabbin shit up killer glass killer video bro