Mikey Mang’s Dabs and Shout Outs

Uploaded by MikeyMang in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Jan 15, 2013

Mikey Mang with a heavy dab session with a heavy soundtrack going. Shoutouts and dab sessions. Dabbers up! -Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 22 Responses so far

  1. radablast 777 days ago

    That bud is like a fucking jalapeno popper, son!! Nomnomnomnomnom

  2. redlaser 897 days ago

    Mikey Mang holding it down as usual. Hope you keep us updated on your cannabis exploits. I'd like to see the pictures of some of these negative posters, super harsh

  3. Dabwell 897 days ago

    Keep doing you man! Fuck the haters, MikeyMang For President!

  4. Honeycomb-Maxx 897 days ago

    Some good ole Djent

  5. Continuum 898 days ago

    First off im gonna say this was a decent vid…but i am gonna agree with @doctorwizzy because getting a bit more info as to the flower and errl you are showcasing here…not to mention your illi and oil piece…Seconed off WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE?!….are you watching this vids tryna find the right dude to get off to?…there be porn for that yo gay or not…this site is all about that tree porn in the best way….unless your a mute though mikey…let us hear your voice!… :P *pop

  6. Lepy 898 days ago

    I want one of these contraptions fors me gold!!!!

  7. AJS333 898 days ago

    @HumCoast that is a MAGNIFYING GLASS WORK STATION STAND w/CLAMPS for hobbyists and jewelers.

  8. AJS333 898 days ago

    @Mikey Mang you get the award for the best use of props in a Nuggetry vid!!! YTM!, Mikey.

  9. doctorwizzy 898 days ago

    tht shirt is sweet dood
    i kinda wish you'd say something though…

  10. chief420 898 days ago

    thats stand is soo prime, likin the vids man dont stop em