Glass Review Scenic Dabs

Uploaded by Joe4sho in Concentrates, Featured, Glass, Reviews, Sessions on Jan 18, 2013

Ratchet TV with a glass review from Blazin Jays. Big Diesel and Joe4sho review a mini-sidecar and honeycomb perc oil piece. They picked up some Mendicino based meds to have a fat session with. New Glass, fire herb and sunglasses. A killer combination. – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 17 Responses so far

  1. PurpDabs 787 days ago

    hahaha shitty chico glass… fuck blaze n jays

  2. Maverick 851 days ago

    OH shit! Thought i seen you somwhere. Whats up joe! see you in the chat again soon!

  3. KAI 853 days ago

    The fully adjustable nail available at blaze n J's fits the wicked sands quite nicely when set up to 14mm size

  4. HumCoast 855 days ago

    Cool guys, that beach reminds me of the spots up here, I gotta take a trip to fort Bragg.

  5. ShotgunMeL 855 days ago

    Cool video =]

  6. Joe4sho 856 days ago

    @toprank ya fo sho the quarts fits good tho

  7. Walker 856 days ago

    my grandparents live right by that beach. damn tryna get dab sesh

  8. Toprank 856 days ago

    Looks like a defective joint n the sidecar good luck ever finding a ti nail to fit the right way. I just went threw the same shit with some piece from idab glass Luklly I cleaned it n got my cash back. Cuz that joints hole is small but the outer circumference is right it's gay. Hope u can fix it ill rig on the mini tube tho

  9. KAI 856 days ago

    Representin' the local stuff! :D
    The wicked sands hits really nice too

  10. EzExtract 856 days ago

    the beach hits were bad ass!!!!!!