Dabtime with Hydro- Dab and Shoutouts!

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Concentrates, Featured, Sessions on Jan 30, 2013

Dabtime with Hydro. Hydro working with a super silver haze x lavender run. Some great shout outs and being able to medicate with some killer wax. Enjoy! – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 12 Responses so far

  1. pegleg 848 days ago

    sounds like u had gas in it still

  2. Quizy 874 days ago

    I dabbed some LARRY OG super melt from Harborside with you during this video.. I was able to do about 6 in the time you did your two.. hehe :) Great video !! Thanks! Always nice to have someone to smoke with..Cheers!

  3. LordTHC 880 days ago

    lol just wanted to say thank u hydro for the idea on how u dab, i gotta do it the same way cuz i dont have a proper rig yet, works well btw.

  4. StickyBudz 882 days ago

    Good video Hydro interesting way to take a dab lol… PEACE!

  5. mc20tf 882 days ago

    You already look HIGH as hell!!!

  6. DailyDabin 882 days ago

    ah wanted to see that second dab. good shit dro'

  7. Mcdabbers503 882 days ago

    Mike has problems with his wrist? I guess masterbaiting daily isn't healthy aye :D … Good video hydro

  8. DaBroner 882 days ago

    I love how you used that handle as your "nail"

  9. AZMedical 883 days ago

    your a stoney little homie

  10. DankHydroKush 883 days ago

    wow mine and Shotgun Mels name right in front of u hydro! and no shoutout? espeacially on your dabbing one, o ya but mike needs 2 lol. Seems like the same ppl every time