Dabkid: Fat Dab And A Good Ole Fail At The End

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Sessions on Jan 15, 2013

Dabkid with a dab session. Heating the nail and keeping the dab in focus is no easy task. 2nd times the charm unless it isn’t. Fat milk shot and then…. being funny never pays off! But it does for us… – Dallas

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  1. theVillain 927 days ago

    1:34 MELK hahahahahaha

  2. narb 928 days ago

    i like that straight tube

  3. chitownbud 929 days ago

    hahahaha wow too funny

  4. LloydChristmas 929 days ago

    Ah hahahaha what an idiot. Shouldn't have been trying to be so "cool"

  5. LordTHC 929 days ago


  6. Lepy 930 days ago

    I agree with MAC all i can do is smh….

  7. 1017dabs- 930 days ago

    ahah stonedape this kid crackes me up

  8. StonedApe 930 days ago

    I'm playin

  9. StonedApe 930 days ago

    Lol grow up and get a gun like a real man than pull that shit out and spin it around your finger…"accidentally" shoot the camera man to put him out of his misery and than knock your bong over! Now that's stepping it up like a man boy!

  10. oldmanswag 930 days ago

    i love the nuggetry communinty…haters and all