Dab Lab With that Kid Again.

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Sessions on Jan 19, 2013

Pure Indica Errls/oils/baby poop/medication/high maker in a session. “Get Yo shit together” and watch this video! – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 26 Responses so far

  1. Hugenglobn 887 days ago

    ahahhah SHWAG SHWAG SHWAG @oldmanswag 25$ grams out in socal look better then that.

  2. AZMedical 891 days ago

    nice save Lloyd

  3. AZMedical 891 days ago

    i gotta say dude sick ass song best one uve played yet

  4. GoodErrl 895 days ago

    Why does t look wet

  5. DABSTEP714 896 days ago

    someones a lil heated ahaha

  6. LloydChristmas 896 days ago

    I wasn't hating at all. Was just saying that I've never seen oil that dark before. I don't have the luxury of being able to go to a dispensary either. I've made my own and for a lot of other people in my area for a few years now and haven't had a complaint since my first run. I definitely dig your glass too bro

  7. oldmanswag 896 days ago

    i think thers vid comin soon where i show a close up on the honeycomb detail..

  8. oldmanswag 896 days ago

    @dabbedout, i was thinking it was sick as fuck and original…no1 else has 710 with a bee and honeycombs.. at least not tht ive seen

  9. oldmanswag 896 days ago

    yea dumbass, @dabby710pussyFag, it is medical my people make the trip out from chicago and come back tht 40 a gram ish so fuck off hating ass bitch

  10. Trayah 896 days ago

    Fuck the haters. Peace and pot, bro.