Concentrate Review: TerpX Blueberry Shatter

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Apr 01, 2013

TopRank reviews TerpXs blueberry shatter from California Patients Association in Santa Ana, California.

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SAY SOMETHING! 5 Responses so far

  1. Toprank 817 days ago

    Yup labeled as shatter i always call it by the label

  2. necrotic805 818 days ago

    picked this up too ultra tasty

  3. Schadey 819 days ago

    does CPA label this as a shatter? it looks pretty sappy. good video tough.

  4. Toprank 821 days ago

    Best bealive ima be medicated man thanks for watching!

  5. jigsaw710 821 days ago

    love the blueberry strain :) looks daaaank man, some little darker is still real daank, im smokin on some Apollo indica right now, stay medicated :