Concentrate Review: NUGGETRY Nugrun Hazy OG

Uploaded by Herowalker in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 06, 2013

Herowalker blazes on some NUGGETRY Nugrun Hazy OG made by West Coast Cure that he picked up from California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA. First dabs in, whats the verdict?

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SAY SOMETHING! 4 Responses so far

  1. Herowalker 847 days ago

    its a v1 bruh

  2. doback420 852 days ago

    damn dude is that a he v1? or a knock off?

  3. agKush 853 days ago

    Damn I got bitches damn I got bitches. Gf wifey n mistress. Good tune. Good vid.

  4. Mrwax710 853 days ago

    congrats on winning nd place brp