Concentrate Review: Krokodil Tears Budder

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 30, 2013

ToPRank reviews a local NUGGERS Krokodil tears budder made by mndbndr710. What does he think?

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SAY SOMETHING! 27 Responses so far

  1. Ramsaroopk 593 days ago

    i want

  2. mndbndr710 787 days ago

    yea steve i guess we know nadda. i just watched this again and laughed at some of these comments. its funny how the fools telln me what to do r they same fools slobbing my knob for tech and gear info lol. i feel ya tho bro i blast the pimpest of pimp nugs typically and make whatever consistency i please. lol budder cuz i vac’d to long.. budder cuz yo ass got it weeks after it was made!… keep it g all my tru farmers and artists out there

  3. SapSteve 815 days ago

    Lol I think it's funny how so many ppl online r like I know wat I'm doing n u don't hahaha

  4. SapSteve 815 days ago

    U da man mindbender lol but idon't lik to mess wit collectves who gunna mess wit my med, I.e. who knows 100% wat ther usin 100% of the time nethin I make wit bam nugs is wat it is stanks n complete translucncy , but I guess neither of us has clue ;)

  5. MR_BUNGLE 818 days ago

    i know there will be people that get bomb prices for anything, but $80 a gram is pushing it, hell i think $40 is expensive…. things gotta change people, I’m a married teacher and father of two and these wax prices hurt my swag =^\

  6. MR_BUNGLE 818 days ago

    $40-$50 is the usual price for primo grade waxes of all types in my area; budder, honeycomb, crumble, shatter…. I’ve seen places that sell for $80 a gram in some places (Venice Beach, Laguna Beach)….gonna be interesting to see the gradual effect on wax prices as it becomes more accepted/liked amongst cannabis users and thus becomes more prevalent and easier to acquire at low prices… right now My hook up is 3.5 grams for $125 (buy three get 0.5 free for all waxes ranging from $35-$50 a gram, right now has 18 varieties at main collective….

  7. K-Budzz 820 days ago

    hahahah well whatd you get for this review top? you spelled out his name right too so its funny.. touchy touchy. and dayum 80 a g thats fucking wack.

  8. HumCoast 820 days ago

    It sucks about the cocky douche reviewer, who cares about the terpenes he can't detect with his shit talker?!

  9. mndbndr710 820 days ago

    yup guess i have no clue what I’m doin over the last few years sapsteve lol. it almost 2 weeks old when top got it but i think its funny how all you think your errl pros yet most dont blast let alone blast a respectable amount. if yall so good cant u just make shit yourself and not bother with clubs or in theory youd be like me and actually vend your shit.. tired of straight haters online how about you all step your shit up and do something rather then run your mouths or rather your fingers.

  10. MTBlazer 820 days ago

    Come to Montana and lets Rage this summer!!