Concentrate Review: Fire Type Extracts Jilly Bean Shatter

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Apr 07, 2013

Toprank with a killer review of the new kid on the block (Fire Type Extracts) Jilly Bean Shatter offering that he picked up at California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA. Is Fire Type FIRE?

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SAY SOMETHING! 13 Responses so far

  1. silent 813 days ago

    nice review though

  2. silent 813 days ago

    50/g? Was it extracted from diamonds?

  3. Quizy 814 days ago

    That is a beautiful wax.. no doubt

  4. CaliOC 816 days ago

    Right on Toprank..Keep Smoking!

  5. Toprank 816 days ago

    Thanks man wow sounds fuking beautiful

  6. Mcdabbers503 816 days ago
    He had the sativa pheno and it seems it has that spicy romulan taste

  7. Mcdabbers503 816 days ago

    Their is however 3 phenotypes and one is sativa

  8. Mcdabbers503 816 days ago

    It's a hybrid mostly Indica. Try finding the flower when grown right it has more bag appeal than any other strain red leaves with pink and purple tones in the bud

  9. Toprank 816 days ago

    No pain just tingling sensation I’m describing where the meds hit me where I feel the tingled and buzz n what not

  10. Toprank 816 days ago

    That’s what I was expecting mc dabber this is also labeled as indica witch seems wierd if those r the crosses maybe a diff Jilly bean ? It did have some that rotten fruit funk