Concentrate Review: Casey Jones Wax

Uploaded by Toprank in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Mar 05, 2013

Toprank gives a killer review of the Casey Jones Wax from California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA. Some music and Mr Jones and me want to be Bob Dillion. Enjoy!

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SAY SOMETHING! 5 Responses so far

  1. Jay-Kush 852 days ago

    I have had very clean bho before that looks like that so i dont think you can tell off consistancy alone! If it smells good and tastes good and is not harsh then I would dab it!

  2. TheBigDabowski 852 days ago

    Sloppy purge

  3. TheHashCompany 852 days ago

    much love from amsterdam,cheers..!

  4. Toprank 852 days ago

    I know what u mean i dnt like,the way it looks to much either but it had a very strong smell and was smooth

  5. Mr_DabMaN 853 days ago

    i dunno man, that stuff looks a lil ewww?..Nice vid though man, killin it with the uploads lately!