Concentrate Review: Albert Walker OG Wax

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Concentrates, Reviews, Sessions on Apr 03, 2013

MrCaliMatt420 with a concentrate review of Albert Walker OG. The best thing about concentrate videos is the sound of that torch. It’s almost like Pavlov.

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SAY SOMETHING! 4 Responses so far

  1. MACVISHION 822 days ago

    Sweet look forward to it matt

  2. MrCaliMatt420 823 days ago

    Out of all the ones I recently made this was the oldest. I edited this back in Feb. New Episode 13 coming soon hopeful with better audio.

  3. MACVISHION 823 days ago

    Mumble mumble all I hear when you torching and audio is slightly better when u sitting at the table but still low
    I know its not just my computers bro Lol. Can't uove camera closer ?

  4. MrCaliMatt420 823 days ago

    This was my last video with a glass nail.