BHOSS Extracts Is Up And Running!

Uploaded by Chubbs in Concentrates, Featured on Jun 24, 2013

For a while you guys have been asking me where to get the same concentrates that I dab in all my videos so I decided to start BHOSS Extracts.


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SAY SOMETHING! 58 Responses so far

  1. volt72 138 days ago

    Damn how the industry has changed

  2. Congas 683 days ago

    everything a business buddy.

  3. Nuggs 730 days ago

    The amount of responses in here, “you don’t know what it takes”, “go grow your own” and shit like that. A lot of people do grow their own. And better than any Nuggetry strain you can get. A lot of people also run their own stuff. That’s why people are pissed.

  4. angusnaut 730 days ago

    100 dollar grams. thats laughable. Move to colorado. 50/g the MAX, that was for 2nd place in the cannabis cup this year. Like the actual batch sampled in the CC. 25-35/g of shatter all day. CA sucks…

  5. silent 754 days ago

    oh fuck off chubbs I didn’t say that.

  6. EARLycuylr 756 days ago


  7. EARLycuylr 756 days ago

    If i could only get my hands on 100$ gs of dank id start making my own, the savings you would have for a superior product would be astronomical. And once you start seeing what truly is happening behind the curtain youd see how much of a piece of shit chubbs is.

  8. EARLycuylr 756 days ago

    get the fuck outta here you capitalist bastard

  9. EARLycuylr 756 days ago

    Just because it happens doesnt mean we should accept it and assume thats just the way it goes. MMJ is something new, when fully illegal WE the people control the market fully. And these types of taxations clearly indicate peoples bogus intentions. Now that the industry is starting to get accepted everyone just wants to put their foot in the door make their money and say “oh well they CHOSE to give me their money” psh

  10. dabs710 759 days ago

    Trim oil is good to buy in bulk for cheaper… but honestly nug oil is just better. It’s like the difference of some mids and some dank bud. Dank is just “fuller” and lasts longer and is more satisfying. If I had good access to BHOSS I’d buy a half gram and buy other 40-50$ / gram waxes in bigger quantity.