Behind the scenes at GooseFIRE

Uploaded by Ldog in Concentrates, Glass, Sessions on Jun 26, 2013

LDog and Chubbs have a mini session at a recent Goosefire Gallery show in Long Beach, CA. When incredible art and creativity meet fire errs… Goosefire is ablaze.


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SAY SOMETHING! 20 Responses so far

  1. TobyW360 734 days ago

    Gonna abstain ganja for 1 day, to blaze my semen out of my balls tomw night

  2. waxonwxoff 740 days ago

    U gonna be at the next goosefire gallery show? Micro? Im gonna show up and check it out would love to dab it there ill have some fire for sure on me hope 2 see ya

  3. Adam31459 750 days ago

    @shatterguy: your one to talk about shitty bho, your shatter looks like crap. Like it litterally looks like poop. Chubs’ bho looked like some fire, and based on the look of your shatter you have no experience.

  4. og_killa 754 days ago

    @Chubbs: You’re obviously getting trolled.

  5. og_killa 754 days ago

    KRS – ONE = The Prophet.

  6. CRONICelt 763 days ago

    OMG that Blue and White at the beginning of the pieces part is just so dope

  7. CRONICelt 763 days ago

    Chubbs if I ever meet you will you give me a dab that size for free?

  8. Chubbs 764 days ago

    @shatterguy: You have no clue. Top Hardcore OG nugs ran with care especially for the CAnnabis Cup in Denver.

  9. Ldog 765 days ago

    Thx Alpha

  10. alpha 765 days ago

    Love ur vids-music is BOMB.